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Butane Supplier Cornwall

At Bennetts we are a registered Butane Dealer. Butane is most commonly, used as a heat source. Second to that, butane is used as a feedstock in the production of other industrial chemical products.

Butane gas is sold bottled as a fuel for cooking and camping. It is used mainly in bottles for portable use, in mobile heaters or barbeques around the home or in leisure activities such as boats or caravans. Butane and Propane are not interchangeable (different connectors ensure that the incorrect bottle is not fitted to an appliance. The supplier of your appliance should state clearly which type of gas it uses.

Most portable appliances, particularly those suitable for caravans or boats use butane, however butane is not suitable for use at temperatures under 10°C.

Butane has common household uses, such as powering gas barbecues and home heating systems. Another common use for butane is in fueling the torches that plumbers use to join copper tubing and the small cylinders you use when camping or boating. Butane is also used as an appliance fuel, in air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial furnaces, and as a vehicle fuel.

For more information about fuels available from Bennetts, please contact us today on 01736 360 444 or email on info@bennettsfuels.co.uk.

Butane Supplier Cornwall
Cornwall Butane Supplier
Butane Supplier Cornwall
Bennetts Fuels supplying Calor Gas, LPG, Butane, Propane, Coal & Fire Wood throughout the Cornwall area to include Penzance, Helston, Penryn and Reruth.
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