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Kiln Dried Wood

Bennetts can supply top quality kiln dried wood for fire wood. Kiln dried wood is better for use in wood burning stoves and even open fires, it burns hotter and longer than green wood. It also reduces the build up of creosote and soot in your chimney or flue.

Kiln dried wood in the UK is sourced from local sources where the woodland is properly managed to be sustainable. The waste from this wood is burnt in the kiln to dry the wood, meaning that there is almost zero waste in this process. All of the wood that we sell comes from Forestry Stewardship Council approved sources.

Carbon Neutral

There are many benefits to using wood as a fuel. Principle among these is cost. Wood is readily available and is a perpetually renewable fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, wood from a properly managed source is considered carbon neutral. This is not because wood does not realise its stored carbon dioxide (which it does), but because the carbon in wood was taken out of the atmosphere by the tree as it grew and once released as carbon dioxide by burning will be reabsorbed by the trees growing now. This differs from fossil fuels where the carbon released has not been in the atmosphere for millions of years (fossil carbon) and once released means there is a excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Wood for fuel, a brief guide.

When burning wood as a fuel you should only use properly seasoned wood, especially if using a wood-burner. Green wood will contain a greater proportion of water. Seasoned wood that has been left to dry out or commercially kiln-dried, although weighing less than green wood, burns far hotter and more efficiently. The water in green wood will absorb heat before it evaporates. This means that the fire actually burns colder and will result in black smoke, soot and creosote deposits in your chimney and if you use a stove you'll have nasty black marks all over the glass. And if you live in a smoke control zone, you are more than likely to receive a visit from the local environmental agency representatives.

Never use wood that has been chemically treated (i.e. stained or painted) or artificial wood products (plywood, hard board, MDF, etc.) both will produce potentially dangerous fumes, burn very quickly or not at all. They are likely to leave a revolting mess in your stove from the glues or other products used in their manufacture.

Properly seasoned or kiln dried wood will appear darker with visible cracks or the grain starting to split at the cut ends. There will also make a distinctly hollow noise when it is struck. Most importantly, with most of the water removed, it weighs considerably less than fresh wood.

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