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LPG Supplier Cornwall

LPG is commonly used as a fuel for cooking and is also used in motoring.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a term used for hydrocarbon gases. It is produced either as a by-product when refining crude oil or direct from the North Seas oil or gas wells. LPG has one key characteristic that distinguishes it from Natural Gas. Under modest pressure LPG gas vapour becomes a liquid. This makes it easy to be stored and transported in specially constructed vessels and cylinders.

LPG for domestic use is either Propane or Butane. LPG is mostly used as domestic gas or bottled for use in barbeques, portable and patio heaters. It can also be used as fuel for motor vehicles.

Most people see LPG in bottles. Although it would require delivery on a regualr basis to replace these bottles as they are used, because of the highly efficient nature of LPG this is not as often as you may think.

Because LPG burns far hotter than natural (mains) gas you can not somply plumb LPG into your home gas pipes. You boiler, cooker and any other gas appliances will need to be converted. Homes not on the gas mains have been using LPG for many years and regular deliveries are available around the country.

Commercial Propane Supply in Cornwall

Offering a wide range of propane supply services to businesses, especially in the agricultural section throughout Cornwall. find out more.

For more information about fuels available from Bennetts, please contact us today on 01736 360 444 or email on info@bennettsfuels.co.uk.

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