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Cornwall Propane Supplier

Here at Bennetts we deliver propane for both domestic and commercial uses.

We are a recognised propane dealer, offering exceptional and efficient energy for commercial or industrial uses.

Propane is a versatile form of energy used in heating and cooking fuel in homes and commercial properties, as an emergency fuel in where electrical service is intermittent or prone to interruption. Propane is a clean burning industrial and agricultural fuel that is normally transported and stored as a liquid in specially approved containers.

Unlike natural gas, propane is heavier than air (one and a half times heavier). Also it burns nearly three times hotter than natural gas, making it far more efficient.

Propane is more suited than butane to being stored in bottles kept outside. This is because it is stored at a higher pressure and boils (changes from a liquid to a gas) at a lower temperature than butane.

Either gas bottles or bulk tanks can be used for domestic gas supply using propane. Ensuring efficient burning in your household appliances. This is particularly suitable for new builds, or for those who wish to move away from the flucuating prices of oil.

Commercial Propane Supply in Cornwall
We supply propane for agricultural, construction, and industrial purposes.
Offering a wide range of propane supply services to businesses, especially in the agricultural section throughout Cornwall.

For more information about our commercial fuel services, please contact us today on 01736 360 444 or email on

Cornwall Propane Supplier Penzance
Propane Supplier Cornwall
Cornwall Propane Supplier
Bennetts Fuels supplying Calor Gas, LPG, Butane, Propane, Coal & Fire Wood throughout the Cornwall area to include Penzance, Helston, Penryn and Reruth.
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